Why invest in Tlaxcala?

Tlaxcala is one of the states with the best highway connections in the country. Its strategic geographic location close to Mexico City and right next to Puebla City, form a market of more than 20 millions of consumers. The state counts with a great infrastructure that allows to move to the main access points such as: International Airports of Mexico City and Puebla City, and to the Maritime Port with the most traffic in the country, the Port of Veracruz.
Tlaxcala is a state located in the center of Mexico, one of the best well connected, with a high annual employment growth rate above national average, and safest places in the country according to Mexico Peace Index 2018, and American Chamber Mexico ranked as the second safest state in Mexico to invest since 2013. In the last 7 years we have received FDI from 20 countries and we have presence of automotive (CLAUZ) and IT (CLUSTEC) clusters. We have 45 TIER automotive companies. In order to be more competitive, Tlaxcala has signed the agreement for the establishment of the CONACYT's Research and Innovation Consortium of the State of Tlaxcala. Its main purpose is to support R+D departments of the companies installed in our state. Moreover, Tlaxcala is not just a very profitable investment destination; it's also a very peaceful place to live, work and travel around and to all major cities and touristic destinations in Mexico.
  • Population 2016 Total population: 1,302,327 Working age population: 933,570 Economic Active Population: 580,978 Economic Inactive Population: 352,592 Unemployed Economic Active Population: 20,824
  • Education Educational infrstructure 2016-2017 Tlaxcala Medium High Education Higher Education Institutions N.A. 45 Schools 209 60 Undergrads 55,660 33,907 Teachers 4,684 3,468
  • Wages Tlaxcala obtained an social security average wage of $264.9 MXN in 2016, it is placed below of the national average of $317.9 MXN.
  • Hard data ProMexico – Tlaxcala Capital: Tlaxcala City Municipalities: 60 Population: 1,302,327 inhabitants Territory of Tlaxcala: 3,991 km2 Sector with the most contribution to the State GDP: Manufacturing Industries (22.7%)
  • Foreign Investment 1. Tlaxcala received 92.8 million dollars in foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2016, the main destiny of the FDI was the manufacturing industry of the state.
  • Number of Researchers per Branches of Science, 2017 Physics-Mathematics Sciences – 12 Engineering – 17 Social Sciences – 39 Biology and Chemistry – 50 Biotechnology and Agro sciences – 20 Medical Humanities and Medicine – 4
5 facts about the industry and economy of Tlaxcala
  • 1. We have 7 strategic sectors: Automotive, Metal-mechanics, Textil, Chemical, Building Products, Agro-Industry, and Wood Products.
  • 2. Tlaxcala counts with a strategic location in the center of the country, just two hours from Mexico City and to the new International Airport, second biggest airport in construction worldwide. Additionally it has an easy connection with the Arco Norte Highway, the Valley of Mexico and states surround it, the Bajío, and the north frontier, for a swift transportation of people and goods.
  • 3. According to the Peace Index Mexico, Tlaxcala is ranked second among the safest states in Mexico and since 2013 the American Chamber Mexico named Tlaxcala as the second safest state for foreign investment.
  • 4. Among its strategic projects, Tlaxcala has strengthened its global value chains in the automotive sector through the creation of the Central Zone Automotive Cluster. There are 45 companies classified as TIER 1, TIER 2 and TIER 3.
  • 5. It will establish the Consortium of Research and Development of CONACYT, that will be integrated by:
  • • Research Center in Applied Chemistry (CIQA)
  • • Mexican Corporation for Research in Materials (COMIMSA)
  • • Center for Research and Technological Development in Electrochemistry (CIDETEQ)
  • • National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE)
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